Biography -DEUTSCH

The artist in his studio

Art is the very mirror of who we are, our aspirations and hopes, our fears and struggles, our loves and hates. It reflects our inner self, our dignity and weakness, our ina dequacies as well as strengths. But art is also a window to a world envisioned by faith alone. The world of the saints and angels, the heaven of God. It is from the Creator that we originate and have our being. And so the world of art we create, is also His gift of inspiration to us. The gift of His tender love.    
~Michael Joseph Fuchs

Curriculum Vitae

Michael Fuchs was born in Paris, France in 1952. He spent his childhood and youth with his mother, Geraldine Krongold, in New York City and Los Angeles.

1970 artist leaves America to study painting with his father Ernst Fuchs and Anton Lehmden at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, earning a Masters degree in Fine Arts in 1976.

In 1980 he commenced with studies in architecture under Gustav Peichl at the same Academy, receiving a Masters degree in Architecture in 1987.

Since 1971 the artist has travelled throughout Europe and the USA showing his work in numerous group and one-man exhibitions. Among the many commissions Mr. Fuchs has received, he has persued portraiture with special intensity. The human face, he maintains, is the culmination of nature. He is especially known for his portraits of celebrities, nobility and public leaders as well as private persons and families. His commissions hang in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Antonio, San Diego, Knoxville and Washington D.C. as well as Boca Raton, Denver and Santa Fe. In Europe portraits of his hang in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Vaduz, Paris, London, Hamburg und Zürich as well as Maastricht and Berlin, Lübeck and in Bremen.

Together with oil painting, Michael Fuchs studied the old-masters technique of etching and has, since 1970, worked continually to build up an impressive repertoire of copper-plate etchings, which have received international recognition. Since 1990 the artist has lived and worked in Klosterneuburg, near Vienna.

In 1998 he was honored by giving his Holiness Pope John Paul II a painting of the Holy Family, during the Pontiffs visit to Austria.

Michael Fuchs presenting his painting of the Holy Family to Pope John Paul II,
which was painted in the "Year of the Holy Family" and to be hung in the Vatican.

"The Holy Family" — Oil on canvas

1999-2002 design and completion of a chapel in Graz, Austria as well as paricipation in exhibitions of the group Imago in Sevilla and Rom.

2002 - 2003, One-man show in the City Museum of Klosterneuburg, a retrospective of the artists work of the last 35 years. Extensive travel in the USA and Italy. Exhibitions in Austria and Slovenia as well as the usual commissions from domestic and international clientele. The artist ventures into the world of fashion and portrait photography, a project for a book and exhibition are in progress.

2003, artist begins illustrations for the Book of Hours of the Cistertion Abby in Heiligen Kreuz near Vienna. Artist makes preparations for exhibitions in Chile and Bolivia in 2004. The artist also takes a studio in Florence, Italy with his son Clemens-Maria Fuchs, himself a very promising young artist. Michael Fuchs lives and works in Klosterneuburg near Vienna, Austria as well as Florence, Italy.

2004, September and October, artist has a one-man-show in the Instituto Cultural de Providencia, Satiago de Chile

2006, beginning of the series of paintings “Trees

2007, 9. September, Meeting with Pope Benedict XVI in Heiligenkreuz, Austria and presentation of the Book of Hours with illustrations by the artist.

2007, 9. September - Audience with Pope Benedict XVI in Heiligenkreuz, Austria
and presentation of the Book of Hours with illustrations by the artist.

2007, December, Michael Fuchs begins writing and drawings for a book of poetry for publication.

June 6th, 2008 - Presentation at the Moscow Opera Ball of the portrait of Russia's great poet, Alexander Pushkin, which Michael Fuchs painted for the State Pushkin Museum in Moscow. The painting was presented by the artist to the Mayors of Moscow and Vienna, Jury Luzhkov and Michael Häupl.

Michael Fuchs and the mayor
of Moscow, Juri Luzhkov

The artist and both mayors Häupl and Luzkov at
the presentation of the portrait of Pushkin

The artist with Evgeny Bogatyrev, Director of the State Pushkin Museum, Moscow

2012, December, the artist, Michael Fuchs, publishes his first book of poetry & drawings called,
"You are the Mirror" available on Amazon.com and through Barnes & Noble.